What it means to be a member of the Co-op

Two recent workshops focused on both values and strategies for members of the co-op to successfully work together and reach their goals.
John Whiteoak introduced the group to strategic planning through establishing vision, mission and purpose. Members learnt what exactly values are and why they are important for members of the co-op. Identifying key issues is the start to begin planning a strategy, John explains.

What behaviours between members of the co-op will best capture values that we hold dear?

Ian Plowman let our co-op members analyse their current values and behaviour to determine desired behaviours. “It is important to convert values into behaviour to maximise the value of the co-op”, Ian says.
Group work included the use of speech balls, brainstorming, and voting to reach group conclusions about designing better communication and meeting experiences.
Ian emphasised that by joining the co-op, people create a social contract and need to answer the basic questions,
What are we here for?
How long have we got?
How will we work together?
Who are we?
to be ready to work together.
Co-op members identified their individual skills and how they can use them to effectively work together towards goals.
Attendees also realised how important is it to acknowledge and respond to the differences among people.
Trish shared how she enjoys when community members value each other and go out of their way to help each other out.
“With every workshop, the group belongingness and strength seems to grow a bit”, a member supposes.

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