MasHumas/RegenAg short film – Pacho Gangotena talks dirty.

Tonight, a few coop members  attended the showing of 4 short films produced by MasHumas and RegenAg documenting some aspects of their 2013 study tour of Australian farmers to Central America.

Seeing as the Spanish versions of these films are already published on YouTube by MasHumus, I thought  people who couldn’t attend the screening in the city of roundabouts (Noosa) would be interested in viewing this one in the comfort of their own laptop.  Pacho Gangatena (Ecuador) talked to the Australian visitors in passionate English – (with Spanish subtitles).  He’s a pretty charismatic fella, good at talking dirty.  This is a pretty good example of best-practice passionate small-scale market gardening.


PS – great passion and inspiring results – but the chemical discussion about urea is not correct.  Urea is 46% N, and the rest is carbon,oxygen and hydrogen (no salts)


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